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This is the first post at You may be familiar with my previous wine blog, Here’s a moment of truth. In Oklahoma, by law, I’m not allowed to receive wine samples. That’s just so wrong, isn’t it, after spending years in the busines? It was expensive to buy and find that I didn’t want to review some thoughtfully chosen wines.

Main Messy Bookshelf, with Unused Yoga Mat

Main Messy Bookshelf, with Unused Yoga Mat

For that reason, I wanted to write about the old reliables when vintages changed, and that’s not enough for a wine blog. Here at I’m combining many of the things I love: writing, books, wines and spirits, food, lifestyles, home, garden and travel.

I’ve had a conservative political blog, Maggie’s Notebook, for eight years. If you’re not conservative, don’t let that keep you away from this little spot in the ether. Hard politics will not be covered here. I put the ‘Politics’ tag in my banner after reading a poem written by a friend. I can’t print it here because it’s headed for publication, but just maybe, I’ll find something else that’s not controversial, and worth sharing.

I like to write and have been a columnist for regional publications, mostly covering wine and crime. That was a long time ago. Writing so many years at Maggie’s Notebook, non-fiction has been, and is still, a passion, but I’m in the process of seeing what I can do with fiction.

My career was solely in the wine and spirits industry: retail, brokerage and wholesale. Other than what I think of as The Winery Daughters at the time, (early 80s), I was one of the few women in the business, outside of retail owners. I had some great times, wonderful travel, incredible food, and I met amazing, generous, talented people over a thirty year span.

Over a couple of decades, I’ve dropped off hundreds of books at the library. There’s only so much room. I collect old wine books and cookbooks. Notice the Baker’s Rack below with my “fine gins” mixed in with the cookbooks, wine glasses (which I sold for many years, and collect), and my rubber gardening shoes. There are still books stacked everywhere around my office and elsewhere, but most books over the last few years are on my iPad. How I love reading on the iPad, but when I find a book I like, I buy a hard copy. The best thing about reading on the iPad is that I can highlight lines I like, interesting things, things I want to know more about, and I can color code –– makes it so efficient. No more dried-out highlighters. Don’t know about you, but I love technology.

Many of my entries at Maggie’s Wine have been updated and moved here, so depending on when you read this, you may find more on the wine side, but come back because the book-related side will catch up.

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