A Beginner’s Journey With Point of View: A Tale of Two Spiders

Point of view plagues me. I have a flash fiction spider story told in third person from the viewpoint of the female, but the feisty little male yearns to tell us about his awesome lady. How his death, so precisely and methodically planned, guarantees his legacy. But the female has her babies, and her “spiderlings” have a purpose disconnected from the father. She wants the reader to know that she chose him, not the other way around. She is fearsome and athletic, and has the solemn obligation of depositing her eggs for a few years to come, if she lives that long –– eggs from her one small, little man.


I’ve written my spider(s) from both points of view, omniscient, and even first person omniscient –– that was a kick, and so wrong. I’ve talked to my writer friends, although not necessarily about the point of view of a spider(s), and one point of view is unanimous.

I’ve searched opinions online and found only one blogger addressing more than one point of view in flash fiction, for obvious reasons: not enough words to develop characters, and make the viewpoint clear. He has ten tips. I want to share Number 2 as it gets right to the bottom line, and because I really love the name of the post (in red below):

 2. Don’t use one POV too many: Generally, using more than one point-of-view character in a flash fiction is a bad idea. Tell the same story from one character’s perspective, if you can. If you’re having a hard time, you may need to plan the story out more thoroughly. –– Patrick M. Tracy, Evil Flash Fiction, Nasty, Brutish and Short

I think a reader will have no problem knowing which arachnid is thinking or doing whatever, but I’ll follow the rules.

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