Two Days Left to Make a Difference in an Author’s Success – Redeeming Paula (Amazon Scout)

Creating a novel and getting it into print is a brain-busting journey requiring commitment, your deepest devotion to your craft, continued learning, and every energy source at your disposal. My friend, author Bill Wetterman, has a portfolio of, mostly, thrillers and suspense books, featuring strong, flawed women as the protagonist. He has been chosen by Amazon for their “Scout” program. If his latest book, “Redeeming Paula,” receives the magic number of “nominations” he enters the program and will be published and promoted by Amazon. It is a distinct honor to be chosen, but a difficult task to generate the numbers required by this wonderful, behemoth bookseller. There are only two days left in the program to give him a vote.  By taking barely a full minute out of your day and clicking the “Nominate” button here, you will make a difference. An excerpt of the book is available at the link, but if time is short, just hit the button. More about the author below. As you’ll see, his methodology isn’t always the usual.



I mentioned that Bill’s main characters are strong, flawed women. Add to that, cunning intelligence. He reads women well, in my opinion. Beyond that, he does the unusual: he gets gritty with details, but I have yet to to see the “F-word” or “C-word” in his books. His descriptions are vivid, realistic, and truthful, but not profane. His male characters are mean –– vicious at times, smart and unforgiving. You feel the full measure of tension, the stakes, the danger, but are spared uncomfortable, demeaning language.

It is not difficult to understand how his women end up where they are, or why they do what they do. The question is: do they do all they can do? Are they really who they think they are? At some point in every Wetterman book, he puts an opportunity for redemption in the path of his main character. Outside of the Christian book market, I haven’t seen this done. I find it fascinating and believe it’s a mission for this author.

Bill has been a student and mentee of award-winning author William Bernhardt who also recommends a vote to nominate “Redeeming Paula:”

My friend and former writing student Bill Wetterman has put a fine novel up on Kindle Scout. Please go nominate it! If it is chosen, you’ll receive a free copy. That’s a win-win.

One last thing. Your nomination will help a really fine, family man. A man with character, integrity and an admirable work ethic.  Please click the button today, and know that your nomination will be greatly appreciated.

Love to hear from you.