Wine Glasses: The New and the Idea Behind an Excellent Glass

I have a special affection for wine glasses. Streamlined, elegant, thin, an unrolled edge, a stem that feels natural –– and crystal –– the unmistakable ring of crystal that zings in the sweetest way. Perfection in your hand. Attribute it all to superior craftsmanship and the finest materials. Crystal is expensive, difficult to “craft,” an all together different thing than every day glassware. My wine glass collection is a result of once representing Riedel –– the company that took drinking wine to new heights, the art of a fine wine pared with its match in glassware, a glass made for the individual varietal. But before Riedel, I wanted beautiful glasses on my table. Before Riedel I had beautiful glassware, modestly priced, but I had to search for it, and I still search for it today. So, the Wine Enthusiast Zafferano line caught my eye. Not so modestly priced, the Zafferano Ultralight is new on the market. I haven’t seen the glass other than online, haven’t held one in my hand or taken a sip from one, but WOW! do they make a fashion statement. See two videos below.

Zafferano Wine Glasses

Zafferano Wine Glasses (click image for more)

Wine Enthusiast describes the three glasses above as (left to right) “White/Sparkling,” “Red Wine,” and “Universal.” The glasses are large (see dimensions below). The diameter is wide, the two reds measuring 4-1/2″ (at the wides point, I assume), but since I haven’t held one, I wonder if a nose fits into the concave opening. Surely it does. See these mouthblown glasses, lead free, in the first video below and note, his nose does seem to fit in the bowl opening.

White/Sparkling: Capacity: 17.2 ounces, 9-4/5″H x 3-1/3″W
Red Wine: Capacity: 22.5 ounces, 9-1/4″H X 4-1/2″W
Universal: Capacity: 26 oz, 10″H x 4-1/2″W

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The Zafferano Ultralight Glass (video)
The video below is John Buechsenstein of the University of California Davis Extension, explaining the components of a wine glass most important to him.

Choosing Wine Glasses (video)
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