My name is Maggie Villines. I’ve written a conservative political blog, Maggie’s Notebook, for eight years, have written for regional publications, mostly covering wine, spirits and crime. I’m retired now, but my career was in the wine and spirits industry, retail, brokerage and wholesale. As my blog header indicates, I have a lot of interests including books, reading, writing –– fiction and non-fiction, history, and keeping an eye on foodies.

Maggie Villines

Maggie Villines

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the northeastern area of the state. It is lush, green and hilly here – a beautiful place to live. Contrary to urban myths, we are not all red-necks, although I am proud to know a few. BBQ sauce is not slathered on everything coming from the grill. We have an abundance of lakes, rivers and streams, and are the home state to many great music, stage and screen artists. I’ve lived in other places, but Tulsa is home.

Married to a Super Hero –– almost 40 years.

My last name is pronounced Vill-lines (like the lines on a page)

Contact: maggievillines(at)(cox)(dot)(net)