These phonetic pronunciations are considered ‘accepted’ in the U.S., and not intended to take the place of the accent or the pronunciation of the origin. Don’t worry about accent marks. Say it as you see the phonetics.

Auslese: Oush-lay-za or

Barolo Chinato: Baw-row-low Kee-naw-tow (Baw and naw rhymes law) (row, low and tow are sound the same sound as roe and toe)

Beerenauslese: Eeer-in-oush-lay-za

Bernkastler: Bearn-kast-ler

Bordeaux: (bor-doe) (bor rhymes with for) (doe rhymes with foe)

Cinzano: chin-zawn-oh (chin like ‘your chin.’ zawn rhymes with sawn and oh is like O)

Cognac: Con-yak (con rhymes with don)

Doctor: (German) Dock-tor as in Dock-tore (tore your pants)

Domaine Phillipe Gilbert (Doh-main Fee-leep Gill-bare)

Eiswein: Ice-vine (ice as in the kind that makes cubes in your freezer)

Erben: Air-ben

Gewurtztraminer: Geh-vertz-trah-meener

Graves (grawv) (rhymes with mauve – no s or plural sound)

Grüner Veltliner: Grooh-ner Velt-LEEN-er

Loire (low-ah – said quickly together) (low has the sound of tow) (ah has the sound of law without the ‘w.’)

Kabinett: Cab-in-net

Kimmerdigian (Kimmer-ridgen)

Menetou-Salon (Men-neh-too Sah-lown)

Moselle: Mow-zell-ah or Mow-zell

Mosel: Mow-zel

Müller: Moo-ler

Pessac-Léognan (pay-sack lee own yo) (pay rhymes with lay) (sack rhymes with back) (lee rhymes with tee, own has the sound of mown) (yo rhymes go)

Pouilly-Fumé (poo-yee few-may) (poo rhymes with moo) (yee rhymes with gee) (few rhymes with mew) (may rhymes with lay) In the U.S. Foo-may for Fumé is also appropriate.

Qualitatswein: Qual-eh-tats-vine

Riesling: Ree-sling

Sancerre (sawn-sehr)

Sauternes (sew-turn) (sew rhymes with tow) (turn rhymes with burn). In France, it is sew-tare-nah (tare rhymes with fare) (nah sounds like naw), but sew-turn is appropriate in the U.S.

Sauvignon Blanc (Sew-ven-yawn Blawnk) (sew rhymes with tow) (ven rhymes with ben) (yawn rhymes with lawn) blawnk has the ‘law’ sound in it – blawnk, rhyming with clonk. In French, the ‘c’ sound in Blanc is silent, so it is heard as Blawn with a slight nasal ‘n’ sound. In the U.S. ‘blawnk’ is appropriate.

Spatlese: Schpate-lay-za or Sch-pate-lee-za

Thanisch: Tan-ish

Trockenbeerenauslese: Troh)-ken-beer-en-oush-lay-za (Troh rhymes with Trow, the ‘oh’ sound

Ugni Blanc: Oooh-nyee Blawnk (or Oooh-nyee Blawn)

Zabaglione: zah-baw-yown-ee (zah and baw rhymes with raw)